Every possible answer you need to know to the question “Can you run it” or “Can I run it”?

“Can I run it?” or “Can you run it?” or “cyri” are not uncommon questions. These questions certainly arose in everyone’s life at some point. Especially for hardcore gamers. Even the newbies. Today, new games require good graphics and maybe some hardware updates. But the PC gamers do not have to put in a lot of efforts to play their favourite games on their computer. Some old gaming computers are still capable of handling new, trendy games. The only thing that a player might need to buy is a graphics card, and they are good to go.

There is a wide selection of games available nowadays. And having to choose among them makes the gamers feel like a kid in the candy store. Be it Pubg, Apex Legends, Rainbow Six Siege, Overwatch, Fortnite Battle Royale or any other game out there; gamers are crazy to try out new gameplay and storylines. They like to be updated on the trends in the gaming world.

Before knowing the answer to “Will my PC run it?” or “cyri”: Why are video games so popular?

Why are video games so popular? Why does it appeal to people of all age groups? What is so special about gaming? These are some questions that can run on the minds of several people. While gamers may not venture into it too much, the non-players would definitely want to know the answers. What is in that games that people can sit for hours playing them, eyes glued to the monitors.

One of the reasons why people love video games so much is that- gaming is like an escape route from normal routine life. In this era of 9-5 jobs and heavy-duty school work, gaming provides relief; even if for a short period. It is refreshing to shed our typical personalities away and step into a fictional character and do things our way. After having a long, tiring day, people love to relieve some stress by stepping into a different world where the troubles of our monotonous life do not exist.

Also, video games can give the feeling of achieving something to the players. When they try and try to complete a hard level, and finally they overcome it, it brings a feeling of accomplishment. It is like they have achieved something they worked hard for. The feeling of passing a challenging level can be surreal. Elders or parents may criticize violent games, but they are a great way to get out the anger within us. Instead of picking fights with random people on the streets or arguing with friends, this is a much better option. Of course, there are rare cases where people with psychological issues get into a violent character. 

The gamers form an emotional bond with the video games, even to the point where they tear up on some particular ones. Some particular non-gamers make fun or criticize the craze gamers have. But if there is something we do not understand, or we do not have an interest in, it is best to not comment on it.

Now, can my PC run it?

It is all fun and games until we buy or install a game and find out that it does not work on our PC. That is disappointing, right? So, its better to know what kind of games our PC can run before installing or buying one. How to know which games our PC can execute? Fortunately, finding the answer to this doesn’t require a lot of efforts. There are a few easy steps to find out the solution to “cyri” or “can I run it?” or “Can you run it?”. 

The laptops, which are not gaming laptops specifically, usually use an Intel integrated graphics; Because Intel integrated graphics consumes less power and is comparatively cheaper. The laptops specially built for gaming contain both Intel integrated graphics and an extra graphics card. The processor automatically switches between the two depending on what we are performing. When it comes to a desktop, it is an effortless process to install an extra graphics card. This will step up the gameplay.

What is the primary step?

If we want to stuff our basket with eggs, we need to know the size of the basket. Likewise, before installing a game, we have to know the specifications of our PC. Otherwise we won’t get an exact answer to “cyri” or “Can you run it?”. There are different methods to do that using which we can determine whether we can run a particular game on our computer.

Manual method– There are automatic methods too, but it makes more sense to know the manual process first. Our PC has several hardware components like

  • CPU
  • Ram
  • Graphics Card

And it is essential to understand their specifications like the processor speed, the RAM capacity, etc. To find out this information, we can enter the model of our computer or laptop on Google and search for its specifications. There are several sites which will provide this information. But this process can be tedious and time-consuming. In this generation, where people do not have the time even to have breakfast properly, this method might not be efficient.

The other easy option is to use some kind of system information tool which will automatically detect the exact specifications of our computer. Multiple devices are present online, which can help to perform this task.

There are many tools to perform this operation and they can provide a comprehensive report on the configuration of our system. Firstly, we just need to download and install a tool. They will show the type and the speed of the CPU we use, the capacity of the RAM in gigabytes, the model of our graphics card, the ability of the graphics card, etc. After this, we need to look up the required specifications of the game we want to install. We can gather this information from the original website of the game or the store selling the game.

After receiving this information, we have to compare the report obtained to the requirements mentioned for the game. We need to thoroughly scrutinize the criteria related to the processor, video card and memory.

It is not tough to differentiate between the minimum requirements and the recommended requirements. The minimum requirements are the one without which it is impossible to run the game.

If the minimum requirements are met, we can play the game, but we won’t be able to enjoy it to its maximum capability. We will have to make do with the lowest settings, and the graphics might cause a little trouble. We will have a better time playing the game if our PC meets the recommended requirements.

Automatic method

It is not difficult to find out the specifications of the PC we use by ourselves. But instead of finding out the specifications and then comparing it with the requirements of the game, we can do this process automatically too. Automating the process can save both time and energy and requires much less effort. There are different tools available for this as well.

There is a shortcut method to look up the minimum requirements of a game. On the Google search tab, we just need to type <game name> minimum requirement. It is essential to check for the results from a trusted source, preferably the manufacturers themselves. Hence, from the above information, we see that we can obtain the answers for “Can I run it?” or “Can my PC run it?” or “cyri” or “Can you run it?” in three easy steps-

  • Determining the recommended or minimum requirements of the game.
  • Defining the specifications of our desktop or laptop.
  • Comparing results obtained from 1 and 2.

An in-depth discussion to know “Can I run it?” and “Can you run it?”

Honestly, we will never know for sure if a particular game will run on our computer or not. We can research on it a lot before buying a game but it is best to run a game practically to get the perfect answer to “cyri” and “Can you run it?”. Checking the recommended and minimum requirements can only give an approximate idea about what’s needed to run a game. But we can’t know how the game will exactly run on our PC. While one person may think the game is running smoothly, the other may not. The version is different for every individual. So there is no fixed answer to the question “cyri” or “can I run it?” or “can you run it?”.

The gameplay will depend mainly on our hardware components and not just on a single one. It depends on how all the components are working together as a whole. Each of the components namely the CPU, RAM, graphics card and memory devices are equally important. Gaming settings also create a huge impact on the gameplay. It’s just that we need to adjust a little. Sometimes we have to sacrifice a little graphics to have a smooth gameplay. If we turn down the resolution a little, the pressure on the graphics processor decreases. 

How gameplay depends on computer hardware components

Before knowing the answer to “Can you run it?” or “Can I run it?” or “cyri”, we need to know how the hardware components affect the gameplay. The first is the graphics card. The graphics card controls each and every single image that appears on our monitor. It handles how the images are processed and then delivered to the person viewing it. CPU or the Central Processing unit is also equally important. The actual gameplay is handled by this component. How the game is running and how it’s loading- the CPU handles it. The CPU reads the user input and sends the output to the graphics card.

The memory holds the information that an user frequently uses and this helps the CPU to quickly access it. We store the game in memory devices like hard drives. From there, the CPU can access the game to run it. All these hardware components are joined together by the motherboard so that can pass the information to each other. And of course the power supply. For every component to function, the power supply is extremely necessary.

How to see which hardware we are using?

To get the answer to “cyri” or “can I run it?” or “can you run it?”, we need to meet certain requirements. So its better to keep the hardware components we use in check. To check our graphics card we can view it from Display Adapter properties under display settings. To check our CPU and RAM, we first need to access the task bar and then select the performance tab. We will be able to see our RAM and CPU specifications there.

The last step is to compare the specifications using benchmark tools. The benchmark tools will help to compare the required specifications to the specifications of the hardware we are using. This will help us to get the answer to “Can I run it” or “cyri” or “Can you run it”. There are separate benchmark tools for different components.

Should we play computer games?

What is the advantage of playing computer games? Is it a sheer waste of time? Do people gain anything by playing these games? Again these are some more questions that are commonly asked. Some give very conventional answers- its a waste of time and energy. Some may say it diverts the students away from their academics. But gaming can have surprising benefits. Generation Z wants to be smart and intelligent. And why not? Intelligence is a fascinating quality, and everyone wants to get it.

Computer games can apparently make people smart. Yes. Gaming isn’t just a waste of time. People can develop some fantastic personality traits from it. It teaches an individual that failure is a stepping stone to success. There are many instances when the player fails a level, attempts it again and again and then finally succeeds. That is persistence. They do not get demoralized and keep trying until they finally pass. Research says that playing video games can also improve a person’s problem-solving skills. There are many games which require critical thinking and intellectual abilities.

Gaming can also help to keep the brain active. There are many puzzles like crossword and sudoku that are available online. Research also say that gamers also have better memory power, and it can improve the overall mood of a person. Reports also says that playing video games can improve an individual’s visual skills and contribute to their learning capability too. Video games can also increase the processing speed of a person. The players have better memory, better concentration levels and they are better at performing multiple tasks at once.

So the next time anyone says gaming is a plain wastage of time and energy, we have enough information, facts and research to debate on it.


Gaming is one topic which has endless possibilities, and if a person isn’t satisfied with the results obtained from the steps above, they can research more on it. The demand for games is high, and the desire for playing the best version of the game is higher. We can also research about the gameplay on YouTube and learn more. A lot of YouTubers review games and their experiences. And that might help. Ultimately the necessary information that we will require for sure are the minimum requirements of a game and the specifications of our PC.

If we are still unsure about whether the game will run on our desktop, we can even opt for a demo or a trial to see the proof with our own eyes. That is the best way to answer the question “Will my PC run it?” or “Can I run it?” or “Can you run it?”.